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Start Your Trip the Right Way with Promo Codes For Southampton Airport Parking

This is an airport that provides a great service for those living on the south coast – there are routes that cover city breaks, long haul destinations, ski holidays and classic summer holiday locations, but now you can add superb airport parking facilities to this long list of reasons to fly from here. But booking ahead using promo codes for Southampton Airport Parking doesn’t have to mean spending huge amounts of money on this extra convenience. Driving your own vehicle to the airport and leaving it there while you’re off on your travels could be one of the easiest parts of your whole holiday experience and any chance to eliminate travel stress is one that should be welcomed with open arms.

What are the main things that might put you off booking a parking space at the airport? Cost? Worries about security? Or perhaps both of these. Well, even though it’s completely understandable to be worried, promotional codes for Southampton Airport Parking can help alleviate those concerns. Booking your parking space in advance means you’ll not only be guaranteed a spot once you get to the airport, but you also get to access lower parking rates as well as the additional discounts available with these codes. If you’re travelling as a group, this could well work out very competitively priced in comparison to public transport costs, or if flying individually or as a couple, it could make more financial sense than booking a taxi to and from the airport. When it comes to the security side things, we hope you’ll find peace of mind in the fact their all their car parks come with 24-hour attendants and CCTV so you know your vehicle will be taken care of while you’re away.

Parking Options and Extras

Two of the main long stay parking options with discount codes for Southampton Airport Parking include budget parking spaces situated a short distance from the terminal, with transfers available via their bus service that runs every 5-10 minutes 24 hours a day, or their Priority Parking service. This provides you with a pre-booked parking space situated just a few minutes’ walk from the main terminal, with wider parking berths for easier access and everything undercover for extra protection. Another advantage of using our discount vouchers for Southampton Airport Parking to arrange your priority space is that you also get a Priority Security Pass included, meaning you not only walk straight into the terminal, but you don’t have to queue at the security gate either. But the extras don’t stop there – you can improve your whole airport experience by relaxing in their Priority airport lounge before your board this place. Buying an entrance pass online in advance not only means you get access to more comfortable seating as well as bit of peace and quiet, but you also receive complimentary refreshments and wifi, reducing the risk of spending a fortune on food in the main departure lounge. It’s a win-win situation!


Contact Details

For on-site parking queries, call the airport on 0844 481 7777, or if you’ve used promotional codes for Southampton Airport Parking to book a space with an independent off-site provider, please use the relevant contact details for their customer services. If you have any quick questions regarding airport facilities or access, then you can also get in touch using their Twitter page, but if heading straight to the terminal follow the directions using our map reference or input the main address into your own satnav: Southampton Airport, SO18 2NL.

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