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How Can I Buy Tickets with Promo Codes For London Zoo?

Thanks to savings tools like our promo codes for London Zoo, there’s no need to turn up and pay full price for your tickets anymore, as is the case with so many top UK attractions. Planning your day in advance not only helps you get the most out of the experience but paying in advance with our codes also helps you save money on the entry price. So, take a look to see what special savings are available today and you can start looking forward to your animal experiences.


How These Discount Codes For London Zoo Can Help You Plan Your Day

There are so many benefits to booking your tickets in advance. We’ve put lots of info below on the many ways our codes can save you money online, but there are other advantages too. Rather than turning up at the gates on a whim, doing a bit of research in advance means you’ll get the most from the experience. On their site, they have a specific Plan Your Day section which gives you helpful advice on everything from how to get there, to the daily animal events that are currently running. Don’t want to miss out on penguin feeding time? Double check the details and plan your trip around it. Want to see what other special events are on? Not a problem. Need info about accessibility? This is all right there too. And if you’re interested in new attractions, this Evening Standard article gives lots of details on their monkey enclosure. Of course, when you visit their site using one of our promotional codes for London Zoo, saving money on your tickets in advance while you’re there is a no brainer too.

How Can I Get 10% Off the Ticket Price? – By using one of our codes! Follow the link we provide to get directed to their tickets page, and by simply buying those tickets in advance you get 10% off the standard entry price.

Is a Group Discount Available? – It is. If you’re planning a visit and there are 10 or more of you in your group, booking online means you can claim an extra 25% off the standard rate. And if you are part of Youth Group (such as Scouts, Guides or Sea Cadets), additional discounted rates are also available. Please view their Youth Groups page to see if you might qualify.

How Much is London Zoo Membership? – If you plan on visiting both ZSL London Zoo and Whipsnade Zoo on a regular basis, purchasing a membership package will save you a lot of money in the long run. Prices depend on your circumstances, but annual family membership (with payment via direct debit) starts from £166 and an annual single concession fee is just £89. However, there are more savings available when you join other than just unlimited admission to both zoos. You can also get discounted parking, money off in their gift shop and restaurants and 10% off animal experience bookings. Additional benefits include a subscription to their magazine and fast track entry.

What Other Packages Can I Save Money On? – Talking of animal experiences, you can use our discount vouchers for London Zoo to book these too. Experience days include being a zookeeper for a day (with a junior version also available), photography workshops and overnight stays in their zoo lodges. Plus, you can also enquire about rates for venue hire if you want the perfect space for your special occasion.


Booking Your London Zoo Tickets in Advance

So how do you go about booking those tickets when using our promotional codes for London Zoo? Just see what offers and discounts are currently available on our page and use the relevant link to visit their site. Complete your booking, and if you need a code to claim your discount, simply come back to our page and copy and paste it into the box on their site. Your saving should then come off the total spend.


Do They Have a Contact Number and Email Address?

If you have a query before completing your online booking, then you can call their team on 0344 225 1826 or email See below for the zoo address, and if you need help on how to get there, please see their location page which also has details about the best public transport links. And if you’re interested in visitor reviews, you can find all you need on their Tripadvisor page.

ZSL London Zoo
Outer Circle
Regent’s Park

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