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Get the Best Deal on Securely Parking Your Car with Promo Codes For London City Airport Parking

Its location is fairly self-explanatory, along with the fact that our promo codes for London City Airport Parking can save you money on airport parking and other terminal facilities, but it’s always worth mentioning that this airport is the only one in the capital that’s actually IN the capital, not in an outlying county. This makes it convenient and popular for so many reasons especially with business travellers, but these passengers might not know that, in spite of its central location and readily available transport links, you can also drive your own car the terminal and use their ample airport parking facilities. And you know what’s even better? You can access a great rate by booking this online in advance with promotional codes for London City Airport Parking.

Airport Parking in a Central Location

Yes, having an airport in the middle of one of the busiest cities in the world means it’s incredibly easy to get to no matter what method you use to travel, but sometimes you just want or need to get there in your own vehicle. Because of its location in the heart of the city, this airport is a lot smaller than those on the outskirts, and when it comes to the subject of parking, it uses its size to its advantage. Whereas using airport parking at Heathrow or Gatwick often means having to leave your car quite a way from the terminal and catching a shuttle bus, both long and short stay parking at London City are situated very close to the terminal so all you have to do is park and walk. As well as saving you money on these standard airport parking options, our discount codes for London City Airport Parking can also secure you a discount on their valet parking service. This means you can bypass the car parks altogether by driving to an allocated point outside the terminal where you will be met by a representative who will then take your car to your space for you. This meet and greet extra does cost more, but booking in advance with our voucher codes for London City Airport means you get an excellent price, and the earlier you book, the better deal you could get.

Because of the amount of business and first-class passengers that use this airport, the executive lounges here can be described as a cut above what is usually offered, and even though a pass does cost extra, promotional codes for London City Airport Parking can save you money when you book this in advance too. The terminal has two choices depending on what sort of airline ticket you have – the Business Lounge offers a quite environment with a large selection of hot and cold food and beverages, and those who book a pass to the First Class Lounge get the full VIP treatment, with passengers able to by-pass the terminal and queues altogether. If you qualify for a pass to the First Class Lounge, you get chauffeured directly from the airport car park or terminal straight to the lounge and your luggage will be taken care of there, allowing you to fully relax before you board. If you’re considering booking a pass to this First Class Lounge with discount vouchers for London City Airport, please check if your airline allows you access as currently some are exempt (although all are welcome in their Business Lounge).


Airport Contact Details

One of the quickest ways to get access to the airport’s customer services is to contact them via their Twitter page. Here you can draw their attention to any pressing issues as well as stay up to date with the latest news, so well worth a follow if you’re flying from there at any time in the near future. More traditional contact methods include their general enquiries phone line on 020 7646 0088 or 020 7646 0000, filling on the form on their contact page, or writing to Customer Services, London City Airport, Hartmann Road, London, E16 2PX. For more information about their services and offers, you can also like their Facebook page, or check out the airport’s YouTube channel where they post more-depth info about airport initiatives, such as the one below on developments and improvements at the terminal.

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