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How Promo Codes For Kids Pass Can Get You Great Family Days Out Deals

Entertaining the kids during school holidays can be tough, but our promo codes for Kids Pass are here to offer a helping hand. There’s always a shortage of affordable family activities, and theme park trips are often a once a year treat. But with our codes, you can access a trial for this excellent family pass that can give you big discounts on a huge choice of fun days out.


Can I Use Discount Vouchers For Kids Pass to Find Cheap Cinema Tickets?

You can! Movie tickets are one of their speciality areas and once you become a member, you can get up to 40% off standard prices. All you need to do is select your preferred cinema chain and how many discounted tickets you need. Then just go head and book using their discount app or via their site. Unlike many other cheap cinema ticket promotions, this isn’t just available on specific days, or you’re unable to use them at weekends. Their cheap cinema tickets are available all day, every day once you become a member. It’s easy to sign up using one of our promotional codes for Kids Pass because we track down their current introductory deals to make sure you get the best saving on your membership. Want to see what other great activities you can get a discount on? Read on to find out…


What Else Can Members Save Money On?

Although the cheap cinema tickets are one of their main draws, they have plenty more family days out deals to choose from. To get up to 57% off those expensive theme park tickets, members can simply select their preferred park from the list on their site and book their discounted tickets. You can also get up to 40% off safari park tickets too. But one of the best things about becoming a member with one of our discount codes for Kids Pass is that you can also save on family holidays. They’ve put together a huge choice of discounted family package trips on their site, making this an alternative way of saving on your getaway.


Do They Have a Discounted Trial Period?

Still not sure you want to commit? Don’t worry – you can test the waters as a member for a limited period, and all for just £1. Taking their trial is a win-win situation. You get all the benefits of being a member for 30 days for a tiny amount of money, and there’s no obligation to continue once your trial period ends. You can use one of our promotional codes for Kids Pass to take advantage of this offer and enjoy all those discounted days out for a small minimum spend.
And if you DO decide to sign up, you’ll also get a choice of payment plans. For an annual family pass, it’s just £39.99, or you can pay in monthly instalments of just £7.50. And it’s possible to make your money back in savings simply by booking just one or two days out.


How Do I Download the Kids Pass App?

Whether you’re wanting to take them up on their trial offer or would like to become a full member right this second, you can do everything from our page. Just choose the relevant link and we’ll take you to their site. You will get the first 30 days for £1 regardless. But if you decide not to continue, you must tell them before the trial period expires as they will automatically take payment. You can book your tickets via their site or download their app via their homepage if you prefer. Once you have it installed, simply sign in and enjoy all the same benefits on your smartphone or tablet.


What Are Their Contact Details?

If you have any questions, their contact number is 0161 244 8225. You can also email them either via their contact page, or by sending your query to Another excellent resource is their Trustpilot page. It’s understandable if you may be unsure about the quality or quantity of the family days out deals available before you sign up. But as you’ll see there are plenty of great reviews here from parents stating they have made their money back after just one or two ticket bookings.

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