Promo Codes for Green Man Gaming - April 2020

Green Man Gaming Promo Codes for

If you’re looking for a new way to buy gaming keys online, these promo codes for Green Man Gaming can provide you with an excellent customer experience as well as a great price. Their prices are so good in fact, that many people wonder how they get them so cheap. Well, this company is just very good at what they do. And that is giving you official games direct from the publishers at a low cost to you. But when you look for the latest available codes on our page, we can make sure you pay even less.


Why is it Cheaper to Order with Discount Vouchers For Green Man Gaming?

If you’ve ever visited their site, you’ll know that it is a treasure trove of gaming deals, offers and discounts. As amazing as this is, it might also make it difficult to find what you want or need with so much choice. So this is why we suggest checking out our promotional codes for Green Man Gaming first. Here we list all available deals in a more succinct way, plus we feature secret discounts and codes that you might not be able to find on their site otherwise. Therefore, all this makes your gaming purchase potentially cheaper if you visit here first. This way you can get all the best prices on classic titles like Call of Duty and Resident Evil 2 as well as popular games such as No Man’s Sky and Fallen Order. They have keys available for PCs, VR software and Nintendo Switch, so there’s plenty to enjoy for your preferred platform.
Play Free Games – And where better to start than their Free to Play page? Yes, you read that correctly – free games. Here you’ll find their selection of free downloads as well as plenty of tips and tricks to help you out.
Hot Deals and Discounts – If you love a great gaming bargain, you won’t be disappointed with their hot deals page. Use our voucher codes for Green Man Gaming to get access to the very latest sale prices and you can narrow down your selection to the discounted titles that don’t have much time left. Not only can you get up to 75% off, but look out for codes that give you a bit more off the sale discount too.
Access Their Great Value Bundles – For many, purchasing online games is all about finding the best bundle deal. Find out what’s currently available on their special Bundle page, with some packages priced as low as £1.99.
Grab a Student Discount – Gaming companies love students just as much as many students love gaming. So to show their appreciation, this one has a student discount that gives you an extra 15% off. It’s easy to use as long as you are registered with Student Beans.


How to Use Promotional Codes For Green Man Gaming

It’s simple to claim a saving using one of the links on our page. There are two broad types of discount available and we’ve gone into detail below on how to access both of them:
 - Many of the savings we source are secret discount codes for Green Man Gaming. These get you extra money off your spend and the links are labelled ‘Get Code’
 - When you click on the tab, we will open up another window. Here you will see another link to use which will reveal the code to you at the same time as copying it to your clipboard. Once this is done, we’ll open their site for you
 - Choose your game. Please note, some codes are specific to certain titles, so make sure you are buying the correct game or the code will not work
 - Go to your cart. Here you will see a box marked ‘Vouchers and Gift Cards’. Paste your code here and the discount will be taken off the total on the right-hand side
 - If you’d like to use a link on our page labelled ‘Get Offer’ this means it is for one of their promotions or deals. These relate to games that are already discounted
 - Clicking on these links will take you to the correct page on their site where you can purchase the discounted title. No code is required


How to Redeem a Green Man Gaming Gift Code

This company also sells gift cards and gifted gaming keys. Gift cards can be redeemed the same way as the promo codes detailed above, but if you have been gifted a specific game, the process is slightly different. Firstly, go to the ‘Redeem Green Gift’ page. You will then need to register or sign in. Once this stage is complete, you will see a box where you can paste your gift code. They will then confirm the title of the game and the platform. And after that, it’s yours to download and enjoy!


What is Their Head Office Phone Number?

If you have any problems whatsoever, you can find lots of info on their support page, or you can call their customer support team on 0330 500 1515. As well as discovering loads more extras on their social media pages (see links below), you can also read some great customer reviews on Trustpilot. In fact, they have an Excellent rating there!


Need to Know Guide to Using Green Man Gaming

Do They Have Pre Orders? – They do. If you’re desperate to get your hands on a new release the second it lands, just go to their Coming Soon page. Here you will see a Pre Purchase category where it will show you the titles available for pre-order. And if you want an inkling as to what will be the next big must-have game, you can narrow down the range further to those that are Most Wishlisted. And if you want to wishlist a game yourself? Then just simply register your email on their newsletter list and you can do just that. Plus there’s also the added advantage that you’ll receive their newsletter too.
VIP Club Membership and Other Community Extras – We all like the idea of being a VIP member, right? The only drawback in this case is that it’s not something you can just sign up for. Green Man Gaming VIP Club membership is invite-only, but if you’re a regular customer, there’s a very good chance you’ll qualify. Even if you have yet to receive an invitation, you can still find out if you have access by signing in on their site. And if you don’t have access just yet, continue to buy games on their site and there’s a good chance you will in the future. Another excellent benefit is their community page. Here you will find a forum where you can exchange news and tips, their blog which features the latest giveaways, a curated newsfeed and their own list of what they consider the best current games.

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