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What Can I Win When Using Promo Codes For BOTB?

You’ve probably heard of spot the ball competitions, but did you know you can use our promo codes for BOTB to play regularly for a very low cost? Their site is a great way to be in with a chance of winning your dream car, or if you’re not into motors, then cash and other luxury lifestyle items. But when you sign up using one of our codes, you can access extra incentives and lower ticket prices to make playing that bit more beneficial.


How to Play with Our Discount Vouchers For BOTB

On our page, we list all the current special offers and incentives that can get you better value for money on their site. These might include chances to get extra credit or discounted entry tickets. Once you use one of our promotional codes for BOTB to visit their site and access these benefits, you then just follow the instructions to complete your membership and choose which competitions you want to enter. You then just have to play the classic game of Spot the Ball! But what about those prizes? Well, this company is famous for its dream cars and once you enter, you could be in with a chance of winning a Porsche, a Lexus, a BMW or a Range Rover. And that’s just for starters – their choice of weekly car competition features loads of different models to choose from. But you might prefer to enter one of their lifestyle competitions. These give you a chance to win cash, bikes, tech, watches or a dream holiday to a bucket list destination.

Do They Offer Cheap Competition Tickets? – Entering any of their competitions only costs a small amount of money. But if you want REALLY cheap tickets, why not try their Midweek Competition? You can choose from a chance to win £2k or £5k and tickets are priced from as little as just 10p.

Is a Cash Alternative Available in Their Car Comps? – It is. If you’re a lucky car winner, there is an option to trade for a cash alternative. This is usually 80% of the UK RRP but please check the individual competition details for further info and terms.

What is Dream Car Credit? – There are a number of ways you can accumulate Dream Car Credit when playing using discount codes for BOTB. It acts as a reward for doing well in their Dream Car Competitions, but you can also collect credit by using their Refer a Friend schemes or upgrading your membership. And all this extra credit means you can enter Dream Car Competitions for free once you’ve collected the required amount.

Do They Provide a Discount on Car Insurance and Servicing for Winners? – As wonderful as winning a dream car could be, they appreciate the fact that its upkeep is probably going to cost slightly more than a run-of-the-mill set of wheels. For this reason, they give their winners a helping hand with those extra insurance and serving costs. Conditions apply depending on the car you have won, but BOTB will pay up to £1500 towards insurance and up to £400 towards car servicing.


BOTB Contact Number and Further Information

It’s understandable if you have a few questions before signing up using one of our promotional codes for BOTB. But it’s easy to consult their comprehensive FAQs page in the first instance. For more detailed queries, their contact number is 0207 371 8866 and their head office address is:

2 Plato Place

Or you can get in touch via one of their social media pages (see links below), with Facebook being particularly useful for quick questions:




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