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Can I Save on Wordpress Hosting with Promo Codes For 123-Reg?

You certainly can, along with lots of other online tools – our promo codes for 123-Reg can find you an excellent deal on essentials such as domain names, email hosting, website builder packages and SSL certificates. So whether you’re a website novice and need all the help you can get, or you’re an established online business looking for a better deal, you’ve come to the right place to find all the best prices.


How Do I Buy a Domain Name with Discount Vouchers For 123-Reg?

This is often the first thing you do when setting up a website, because there’s nothing worse than finding out your URL of choice is already taken. Even if you’re not looking to set up that site right this minute, securing your chosen domain name to use at a later date is always recommended. But our promotional codes for 123-Reg can helps others too, such as those looking to get all their website, hosting and email needs sorted at the same time. So where to begin? Well, on our page we list any current offers available on domain names as well as their other packages. All you have to do is use the link provided to visit their site for more info. The next step is to visit their Domain Names page and type in your preferred URL. They will then come up with a number of options and prices, along with the chance to purchase multiple domain names at a discount so you can protect your brand.

Of course, their online products don’t end there – you can also use our voucher codes for 123-Reg to save money on web hosting packages, security certificates for your site and help building that website if you don’t know where to begin. Their site can help whether you want Wordpress hosting, add a domain name to an existing hosting package, set up your own email or renew a domain name. Simply see what offers and discounts are available on our page, then we’ll point you in the direction of the right location on their site to get going. But to make sure you definitely don’t miss out on any great deals, here are a few other pricing tips…

Do They Have Savings on Domain Names? – They do, and most of them will come up when you input the domain name you’d like to buy (detailed above). But one you really don’t want to overlook is a deal that gets you free UK domains for an entire year when you purchase two or more years. These are the domains that end in .uk and and they will come up as an option when you complete your search.

How Low Are Their Prices for Website Builder Packages? – Very low indeed. When you use one of our discount codes for 123-Reg to sign up to one of their packages, not only do prices start from just £2.49 a month, but you also get access to any additional price cuts. These lower priced packages are suitable for those just starting their online business, but they also have discounts available on Business+ packages or those for specialist online shops that require more features.

What Other Sale Prices Are Available? – Just as they have lots of online products available, they also have lots of other discounts available too! Examples might include savings on email hosting and SSL. Plus, you’ll be pleased to know they have no hidden costs for traffic limits too.


How to Select a 123-Reg Hosting Package or Other Product

Once you visit their site using one of our promotional codes for 123-Reg, it’s easy to see what offers are available for your chosen product. How you choose what you then want will depend on your online needs, but you might be interested to know that there is no commitment if you want to try out their website builder before you decide – this lets you choose the template and features so you can see exactly what it might look like before you sign up. If you’re interested in one of their web hosting deals, you can compare standard hosting, Wordpress hosting and premium hosting packages before you decide. If one of our codes is required to claim your saving, please input it when prompted before you complete payment or registration.


How to Contact Their Team

The three easiest ways to get in touch with any questions are by calling 0345 450 2310, using the live chat function on their site, or raising a support ticket to they can contact you about your query. Their online support page is also an excellent resource to consult in the first instance. To write, their postal address is:

The Shipping Building
Old Vinyl Factory
252-254 Blyth Road

They also have a number of ways you can get in touch via social media. Contact them via their standard Facebook and Twitter pages, or for more specific queries, please use their Twitter Help page. We’ve provided links for all three below:

Facebook –

Twitter –

Twitter Help –

For those considering a few different domain names or website options, you’ll be interested to here they have a very high rating on their Trustpilot page (Excellent, in fact) and you can read some happy customer reviews right here:

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