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Buy Cheap European Train Tickets With Our Promo Codes For Loco2

Whether you’re after a weekend away or are planning a gap year, our promo codes for Loco2 can provide you with a cheap, convenient way of booking your travel. Covering not only UK but also European rail services, you can easily find the cheapest tickets for your journey using their search function. But if you check out our codes first, there could be extra discounts to enjoy too!


How Do These Discount Codes For Loco2 Work?

Basically, we provide you with codes and savings you can use on their site when you book your train tickets. Simply come here first before going to their site, or you might miss out on these extra savings. If you’ve never heard of this company before, then travel lovers are in for a treat. The thinking behind their original concept was born of a desire to promote a more environmentally friendly way of travelling than by plane. And what could be better than offering site users an easier way to book their European train tickets as well as UK rail journeys? There is more info on their ethos in this Bdaily article, but if you like what you see, here are some more ways you can save money on those London to Paris trips and beyond…
Do They Have Special Offers on Train Tickets? – They do. We’ll highlight their current promotions on our page, and you can then use these promotional codes for Loco2 to access the relevant pages on their site. On their special offers page, you can select the country you’d like to travel to and see what deals are available. Examples include high speed train travel between France and Germany from just £25 and discounts on train travel in Italy.
How Can I Save with Their Refer a Friend Scheme? – If you’re already a happy customer, you’ll be pleased to know there’s an extra way to save. Recommend their site to a friend, and then if that friend books their train tickets using it, you will be a rewarded with a £5 discount on your next trip.
How Can I Find Out About Cheaper Prices? – There are two easy ways. Firstly, for extra convenience, you can download their app. This will then send you notifications when cheaper prices become available so there’s no chance you’ll miss out. Secondly, you can use one of our discount vouchers for Loco2 to sign up for their customer newsletter. You’ll then get their latest offers direct to your inbox. And of course, it goes without saying that we recommend you check on with our page on a regular basis to access extra savings.


How to Find a Cheap Train Ticket with Loco2

It’s incredibly easy. Once you’ve seen whether there are any current promotional codes for Loco2 available, just use the link provided here to visit their site. You then put in your preferred journey details. And if you have a valid railcard, make sure you enter that info too as they’ll take it into account when comparing prices. You can then go ahead and book your train tickets on their site if you find something that takes your fancy. There is also the option to see prices in not only GBP but also Euros or US dollars.


Do They Have a Contact Phone Number?

If you need to get in touch either before or after booking, you can do so online. Please take a look at their Help page in the first instance to see if that can resolve your issue. If not, you can then email or use the messaging service on their Facebook page (see link below). There is also plenty more info on their other social media pages:
Facebook –
Twitter –
Instagram –
There is also extra reassurance to be found on their Trustpilot page. Here they have an Excellent rating with more than 40k glowing customer reviews:

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